jotouka whispered:
all the symbols except for the drunk text --signed ur precious princess stuck in the castle due to the frickin poisonous foliage and giant moats
❤: a heartfelt text

sent at: 10:30 pm
   •   I am aware that you believe me to be overbearing and perhaps a bit out of place with my excessive concerns, but you are the daughter I never had. Know that I am here for you every step of the way, no matter what.

   •   I look forward to the day that you graduate, and furthermore to see what you become. I’m looking forward to you coming home.

⚠: an emergency text

sent at: 12:05 pm
   •   I’m afraid I will have to cancel our plans for tomorrow, Taohua. They will have to be rescheduled for another time. My cellphone will be off, however if you need to reach me, dial the Tong Gate hospital. Extension 412.

   •   Do not fret. I am fine. 

☾: a bedtime text

sent at: 9:00 pm
   •   no boys

✈: a text while travelling

sent at: 2:30 pm
   •   I would have preferred to send you on this trip than myself. I feel like you would enjoy it much more than I am able to. Perhaps next time you can go in my stead.

   •   If not, then I suppose you will simply have to come with me.

✴: an angry text

sent at: 7:13 pm
   •   Give me the plates of the car that rear-ended you. I will make certain that their license is revoked.

Text meme


Send me a symbol for a:

✌ - Drunk/drugged text

❤ - A heartfelt text

⚠ - An emergency text

☾ - A bedtime text

✈ - A text while travelling

✴ - An angry text

masteryujin whispered:
(no way in hale Yu Jin can do this in 10 words oop) "There's a difference between rampaging murderer and stalwart general. That beast Lu Bu hasn't shown you that, so I will."

      Dark eyes narrowed at the general’s proclamation, weapons withdrawn as he was pushed back. Despite being cornered, he still found strength in both body and spirit. Such words hit home however, for they captured the very notion of his own internal debates. There was merit to his words, and it gave him a moment of mental pause. Lu Bu was mighty, a warrior in all regards, but wiled and reckless to be sure. Had the warrior’s path he wished to follow really been in his footsteps all along?

      Such questions were not made evident upon his face, for like the general that stood before him, emotions would not overwhelm him. They were put on the backburner—dismissed and thrown aside in favour of what stood before him. 

      It was unfortunate that war was not so simple. 

      “Then come—” he began as he stepped back, giving Yu Jin plenty of room to move from the metaphorical corner he was backed into. He offered the man a second shot, a breath of space to prove that there was more to the words that he spoke—to demonstrate his noble might.

      “Show me the might you possess.”

lordyuanzhi whispered:
"Taohua is waiting for me, I'm leaving this fight alive."

      From deadlock to release, Zhang Liao found his footing and leaned forward to quickly resume the flurry of blows upon the man his lord had once desired to claim. His ambitions in such regards did not measure up however, and the opportunity he sought to gain was lost over nothing more than a simple albeit endearing concept.

      One of two axes fell next to the strategist’s head, the curved blade upon which burying into the vertical grain of the wood. It was there that he held it, muscles burning, body straining as he held his firm position and choked out a rough command:

      “Go,” he grit his teeth and peered behind his own body through his peripherals, neck craning as he bowed his head in dismay. How dishonourable it would have been to take his life here—to refuse his return to a home where he was needed most. But was that not the same for every man he tore through like a hurricane regardless of the flag they served? The difference here was the emotional tie; a weakness so unbecoming, he traded in a portion of his own fealty for it.

      The axe was ripped from the wood, of which was shattered from the abrupt and powerful movement as he spun to face his own troops, back exposed to the man he advanced upon with the intent to eliminate.


      “Go to her.” 


She didn’t much care for his words, though to engage in an all out brawl here was beneath her. “How you have fallen, Zhang Liao. My father held high regard for you, once. Until you betrayed him, and me.” She shook her head, upset over the loss. Zhang Liao was very much like an uncle to her once.

"To kill you here and now would be unbefitting of the mighty Zhang Liao. We shall meet on the battlefield, and determine who is stronger there."
She turned away to walk, only to pause and give one final look back to Zhang Liao.

"I do hope serving your captor like a well trained dog is all you hope for in life, Zhang Liao. Though if you wish to be the great man you once was, I would welcome you back."image

      Her words did not move or shake him. As firm as a mountain he remained with his feet rooted into the ground. He would not pursue her for many reasons, for not only was it unwise to do so, but dishonourable as well. To strike an enemy in the back—and further, a woman he once stood beside—was not a victory, but rather an act of cowardice. 

      “I am afraid that you will stand corrected,” came a slow response over the scraping of metal upon metal as his axes were separated and lowered to the pivotal point of his hips. “For I am hardly mighty.”

      “You have nothing but your own might, lady Lingqi. While I would relish in standing by your side on the field of battle once again, I fear that I am unworthy of it.” He paused then, sharp eyes softening for only but a moment as he too, drew away from her.

      “This is the path that fate has carved for me, my lady, and while I will not ask for your forgiveness, know that I am truly sorry.”

omglulingqi whispered:
(RE: On a murderous rampage my character has cornered yours. What does your character say in 10 words or less to try and save their skin?) "You've seen my father in the heat of combat, Zhang Liao. Are you sure you wish to incite his wrath as well as my own?"

      Rough, calloused fingers gripped the familiar twin axes, of which were crossed almost defensively at his chest. Dark endless eyes stared around them upon the daughter of the rampaging beast he once served, lips pressed into a firm line as he thought on his actions and words alike before proceeding. Unlike many within Lu Bu’s fold, Zhang Liao did not fear her, nor did he fear her father either. Not then, and certainly not now.

      “Come,” He began, the single word falling from his lips sounding almost flat—robust and resolute, much like his own image. She possessed her father’s spirit—a strength and confidence he was familiar with.

                           ”Come and show me how you have grown.”

On a murderous rampage my character has cornered yours. What does your character say in 10 words or less to try and save their skin?




"What I have heard, the deliver man tasks handles about delivering food and daily items to supplements and materials for weapons, once in a week. He arrives mid day, leaves few hours later."


"Yet I have to admit I have caught the familiar figure in my eye, just after the moment of mid night, on days he should not arrive. This has been happening the whole last month. My lord, I wonder if I am just overly worried, I do not want to sound like some sort of eyes of the residence."

      Zhang Liao’s eyes narrowed in thought for a moment, their gaze cast towards the expansive sky in concentration. This merchant continued to arrive mid-day, then? By the position of the sun as it was now, he was bound to arrive at any time then.

      “I see,” the warrior began, eyes lowering to look the musician in the eye again. “I appreciate this information. I will look into it immediately.”