A single eye looked up at the helm on his comrade. Zhang Liao was a man of few words. What he did say was simple and to the point. It was a trait that Xiahou Dun wished more of his fellows had. Much of his life would be easier if his men weren’t prone to mindless chatter and just said what they wanted out front.

     From what Xiahou Dun could guess from the Warrior’s previous statement as well as his gesture, there was an issue with his helm. Perhaps it was too big or even not big enough?


        ”Debating a change of pace in armor?”

      “Indeed,” he confirmed with a slight nod, and with such
       an inquiry along the lines of his own thoughts, Zhang Liao
       lifted his head to spy Cao Cao’s right hand before him,
       jaw clenching in what seemed to be an internal struggle
       as his gaze shifted away.

      “For safety, perhaps, and notoriety’s sake.”



        ”… What exactly are you talking about, Master Zhang Liao?”

      Zhang Liao gave a modest bow of recognition and respect,
      before silently gesturing to his armoured helm. A suggestion
      that needed no words other than those that had already been
      spoken. For it to cover a larger part of his own face, he
      considered. If not to protect him, then perhaps to silence the
      terrifying rumours that surrounded him—or make them worse.

      “A consideration, Master Xiahou Dun.”

      “Perhaps if it obscured more than it currently does…”


Chen Fang grinned, clasping one hand over the other as she returned the gesture. Upon raising herself up, the red tassel of her hat swung to and fro, and not once did that grin falter.


"Does it, my lord? I can only wonder what that means. Oh, is it good? Is it bad? What kind of reputation has the son of Chen Gong earned?”

      Puzzled by her correction, Zhang Liao lifted his head and moved out of the humble bow, dark eyes narrowed in both suspicion and confusion. Pursed lips parted as he took in a breath—just enough to respond swiftly and respectfully to the strategist’s descendant.

      “Pardon my assumption,” the warrior began, pausing only for a beat before continuing again, “however my lord’s strategist has spoken a great deal about his daughter. Never once has he mentioned a son.” Another moment of hesitation, and then he began again.

      “The reputation she has earned is a pleasant one.”


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"… Oh?"


"Well, hello to you!”

      “Lady Chen Fang,” the general bowed his head respectfully. Her resemblance to Chen Gong was stunningly remarkable, though in ways one wouldn’t exactly expect. 

      “Your reputation precedes you.”

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papa wenyuan pls stop that’s creepy why would u watch me and anguo doin the deed



"All the more reason I should acquire said experience in those realms instead of being constantly protected, my lord."

      “With time…
                 …you will learn.”